Weipu is promoting various sealed circular connectors to provide 5G solution. The design of 5G device requires strong support from a diverse range of customized connectors to achieve optimal results. In addition, because 5G base stations face the challenges of different environments, connectors must be superior in reliability and durability.
Weipu’s 5G Solution
With metal and plastic shells, different locking mechanisms such as threaded coupling, bayonet coupling, or push-pull coupling, Weipu provides a large portfolio of circular connectors to meet the various requirements of 5G technology. Our waterproof and dustproof connectors can handle power and higher data rates and they are available in both cable-to-cable and cable-to-machine applications while protecting the device from harsh conditions that may affect mobile networks and connected applications. Weipu’s high-voltage and high-current connectors all meet the requirement of 5G applications and can achieve high performance with great reliability.
  • Base station antennas / power box
  • MIMO antennas
  • Wireless fronthaul
  • Fixed wireless broadband
  • Mobile devices
  • Internet of Things
  • Critical communications
  • Wireless modules
Protection up to IP68
Temperature resistance range -40°C to 85°C 
Certification: CSA/UL/RoHS/CE
Solder, Crimp and Screw Termination
Rated current up to 80 A
Product line

Weipu is also committed to providing cable assemblies that are specifically designed to meet the next-generation 5G wireless needs.
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