As the global demand for clean and safe renewable energy grows, solar energy has become popular. To ensure reliable and safe operation of solar energy application has become a priority given the operating environment is often harsh.
Weipu’s Solution
A long lifetime for solar energy systems depends on its electronic components including small but indispensable connectors. Unreliable connectors cause damage, such as increased contact resistance, fretting wear, irreversible deformations of the shell, arcing damage, and even blowout, all of which bring irreparable disasters and losses for the systems.
Moreover, as often operating outdoor, connectors are exposed to extreme temperatures, humidity, vibration, atmospheric pollution, and UV radiation. Weipu provides high-quality connectors with the ability of temperature, vibration as well as UV resistance, and also have high IP standards, which are widely used in solar energy systems such as trackers’ control system, panel controller, DC/AC motor, inverter, and lighting, etc.
  • Solar Trackers’ Control System
  • Solar Panel Controller
  • Solar DC/AC Motor
  • Solar Inverter
  • Solar Junction Box
  • Solar Vehicle
  • Solar Heating of Buildings 
  • Solar Lighting
Weipu's Feature:
Certifications: Conforms to EN61984 with CE mark / CSA/ UL / RoHS / ISO9001
Protection up to IP68 
Operating Temperature Range -40°C to +85°C
Fire Protection UL 94-V0 
Salt Spray Testing 48 hours; Outdoor UV/ Sun Fade Testing
Solder, Crimp and Screw Termination
Product line
SP Series
SY Series
SA Series

With UL approved cable harness, Weipu is also committed to providing reliable customized assembled cable solution.
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