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How to choose the right product?

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To choose the right product for your application, there are three most important things you need to check. First is how many pins you will use, the working ampere and voltage.
Second is to check your cable outer diameter and IP rating. Then choose the material you prefer based on your working condition.
You can always fill in the below form and send to us, so we can give you our best suggestions.

How many pins


Rated current / ampere (A) on each pin


Rated voltage (V) on each pin


Cable to cable connection (in-line ) yes or no


Cable to panel connection yes or no


Cable side male pin and panel side female pin yes or no


Cable side female pin and panel side male pin yes or no


Cable outer diameter (OD)


IP rating (operating environment) :

IP67 / IP68 / outdoor / indoor / water proof /under water


Metal shell or plastic shell.


Special request