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    Panel hole cutout size: 21mm IP67 waterproof connector·Bay

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The SY21, SY17 and SY13 serious are IP67 connectors, bayonet coupling, they have the same size and same electric spec as SP13/17/21, but IP67, SY21 is our large-size plastic shell, IP67 waterproof connector, the specialty of SY21 connector is bayonet coupling, it is designed for applications that need quick locking and frequent plug on/off mating.
The connectors can be used for both cable to cable (in-line) and cable to panel-mount connections. Each side can be male or female contact, (Plug or socket versions), currently the IP67 sealing caps are available only for panel connector.
1) shell diameter (the panel hole cutout diameter): 21mm
2) number of contacts : 2 -12 gold plated contacts
3) rated current and V : 30A-5A , 500V-400V, .
4) cable outer diameter acceptance:  type I: 4.5-7mm , type II: 7-12mm 
5) CE , ROHS approval
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